English – Final Thoughts

English in grade 7 was great. We had many different courses that I have never done in PYP. The highlights of this year in english were reading The Outsider sand The Other Side Of Truth. I enjoyed these because I thought these books were very interesting and portrayed the ups and downs in different types of […]

PE – Reflection Journal

Throughout the whole entire year, we have kept a reflection journal to keep track of our learning. Here are all of my reflections: Monday, 9, June 2014 – Year Reflection Throughout this year I have learnt many different skills. I was able to figure out the basics of several types of sports. This including net […]

CAS – Experience Week

In the week of the 11th-16th 63 students went to Inner Mongolia and the rest went to either Thailand or Taiwan. I chose to go to Inner Mongolia. Throughout the week I had many experiences that I never thought I would. Here are the most memorable moments from Mongolia. Staying in someone else’s home was […]

French – Les Courses en Français

A few weeks a go, we were given a task to create a French Skit with two characters, the customer and the employee. Megan and I were partners and we decided to create a skit where Megan, the customer, is in a pet store deciding what pet she wants. She ends up going through a […]

Math – Algebra Assessment

Recently we had an algebra assessment. This assessment consisted of concepts in algebra that were also in a pre-assessment we did earlier on in this unit. Looking at these assessments now I can see a large improvement. In the beginning of this unit, I was unable to look at like terms properly. An example is […]

Design – Pill Boxes Documentary

Recently we have began our second design unit on Hong Kong Heritage. We joined in a group of three and had several roles. Videographer, Technical Director, and Editor. My role as the editor was to put the documentary together as one. We me the design specifications mostly well as we followed most of them, this […]

Drama – Little Red Riding Hood Performance

Recently we had an assessment where we were supposed to create a skit based on a fairytale, my group and I were given Little Red Riding Hood. Here it is: In this assessment, we had different techniques such as narration, soundscape, freeze frame, choral speaking and conscience alley. I think they are all very effective […]

Design – Design Day HFH Unit Start

Today we have started our second design unit based on Hong Kong Heritage. Our first assignment to start this unit was to create a movie imagining if CDNIS was about to be condemned. My group and I based it on the LLAC and how it is an important facility to our school community. Here is […]