DES: Reflection on Heartbeats

Specific: To read over the rubric and carefully cross check it with my work to see if I missed anything throughout the whole process. This is because the reason for failure within the last unit was mostly because of the fact that I was missing minor details that out me one extra mark (between 7’s […]

DESIGN – Criterion C Final Reflection

Reflection of Process There were many changes that my product and plan had to undergo before I came to the final product. The main ones in the product was going from a flap to the balloon and testing different balloon sizes. Originally the valve was going to made of a cardboard flap that would be […]



PE – Health and Wellness Goals

Fitness Always use the stairs in MTR stations (if you are a daily MTR commuter) Food Bring a healthy snack to school at least twice per week (see list below for ideas). Swap sugary drinks (soda, gatorade, etc.) for water as much as possible. Sleep Use an app to help track and improve sleep.

DESIGN: U1 Design Day

Key Takeaway Video If I could do it all again: I would try to look for more creative designs around the internet in the research stage when doing prototypes. I feel as though my group overlooked that factor and ended up just improvising which ended in our prototype being very weak and not unique. If […]