TOK Journal Post #8

by Michael on October 22, 2018

What distinguishes Natural Science from other AOKs?

Knowledge produced in the natural sciences are solely based on facts, with almost no way of disproving something true if it has been experimented and tested to be true. The natural sciences produce the most map like knowledge out of all the AOKs, meaning that almost all of the information gained from natural science is objective and can be universally agreed upon. Natural science relies on what is already in the universe in order to produce knowledge, as there are no areas in which one’s imagination is used. Though thereĀ are theories and hypotheses that require the human mind to come up of, they are always based off of already existing knowledge in order to back up their thinking.

The natural sciences can be compared with math, as math is also an AOK which produces mainly map like knowledge. Math is a global concept in which everyone all around the world study, and though we may learn math in different languages, everything is generally the same and is agreed upon. What separates math and science is that math was thought up by humans, whereas the natural sciences have already existed in the past. Math is, in a way, another language that humans have invented, but it has been developed over the course of thousands of years. Though one can argue that scientists in the past such as Newton have invented laws in science such as the laws of motion, those laws have already existed in the world before Newton came up with them, they just haven’t been discovered yet.

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