TOK Journal Post #6

by Michael on September 20, 2018

Article one about invasive flora in Iceland

Explicit claims:

  1. Blue Nootka lupine is an invasive species that increasingly dominates and defines the coastal scenes in Eastern Ireland.
  2. The plant is native to North America and are typically seen in flower gardens.
  3. The plant has spread wildly in Iceland when they were introduced in the 1970s to reduce soil erosion.

Implicit claims:

  1. The author of the article is biased against the plant, and he sees it as a threat rather than a benefit.
  2. Though some plants may be looked upon as beautiful, others may see those plants as a threat.
  3. What may be beautiful at first may not always remain beautiful.

Article two about immigration in the US

Explicit claims:

  1. 41% of people who said they arrived in the US since 2010 came from Asia.
  2. Only 39% of people who said they arrived in the US since 2010 are from Latin America.
  3. For many years, Mexico was the largest contributor of immigrants.

Implicit claims:

  1. Those who come from Latin America are typically seen as low skill workers.
  2. The US is widely diverse in terms of nationalities and cultures.
  3. There are too many immigrants coming into the US.

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