TOK Journal Post #2

by Michael on August 28, 2018

  • Outline the role of 1 WOK in 1 AOK in the production of knowledge.

Emotion plays a big role in the arts in the production of knowledge. Art is used to express an artists thoughts and feelings, and the purpose of art may be to communicate ideas, as well as to create a sense of beauty. Beauty in art is subjective, it brings out different effects on different people, and we may perceive a piece of art in a way that was not intended by the artist. This means that emotion plays a big role in the arts, as there is no definitive and correct way of perceiving art. Music that is perceived to be sad can bring out many different emotions within us, such as empathy, romance, and compassion. Though “sad” music was composed to express a composer’s sad emotions, we still experience joy in listening.

  • Knowing¬†that WOKs are double-edged swords: they are sources of knowledge and are also fallible, how do any disciplines (in the AOK you chose above) guard against the weaknesses of the WOK you chose?

Though art is usually subjective, there are some objective qualities of beauty. An example of this is music. There is math behind music, as certain harmonies sound better to the human ear because of the ratios between their frequency levels. Sense perception is used in order to determine whether something is beautiful or not. Though it is impossible for everyone in the world to perceive a piece of art in one way, an artists artistic intention portrays his own emotions and ideas, and people can choose whether to agree with it or not.

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