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by Michael on December 16, 2016


This source is great for my interval training. As I got 2/10 for the intervals section, I knew this was my worst part of the whole test. This source is great for teaching me how to calculate how many half semitones are within an interval, and even provides examples for me to further understand this.

7th Chords:

These two sources are from and, which are two good music theory sources. They both provide information and sufficient examples to help me understand this concept better. As 7th chords are quite hard to understand without examples, this source does potentially help me understand this concept.

Alto and Tenor Clefs:

Though this source is quite short, there isn’t much to explain about the alto and tenor clef, and this source does provide good information about this topic. This source provides examples, and also additional information that other sources may not give, such as where middle C is. My alto clef mistake was just a careless mistake, but further learning about now will ensure that I get it right next time.

Theoretical Keys:

Wikipedia was the only source I could find that gives lots of information on theoretical keys, as it isn’t seen much in music. Wikipedia should be reliable for this concept, as it is just factual information that most likely isn’t fake. There are also a variety of examples that help me further understand this topic.

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