Exhibition: The Process

I’ve been working on the exhibition for the past 5-6 weeks so that’s why I’ve haven’t posted a lot of things on this blog in the past few weeks. The exhibition involves the theme “Sharing the Planet”. “Sharing the Planet” means sharing the planet’s resources, or giving everyone equal opportunities. We were separated into groups depending on our issue interests.We are supposed to chose a topic of intrest that we want to change in the local region, like Child Abuse, and Endangered Species.  I chose the topic Human Rights because I think people in Hong Kong are still not given equal opportunities. My group decided to study the topic, Domestic Helper Abuse. My group chose this topic because there is a lot of helpers in Hong Kong, and there will be a high chance that people will abuse them. We had to go through a inquiry process, from Prior Knowledge to the final product. My group had problems with the investigation planner because we couldn’t make the inquiry questions the best. The best part of the exhibition is when you can go to on field trips, while you find information, you can experience something you never did before. It was my first time going to shelter for people and see how people who need the shelter live there. I thought the whole exhibition process of doing the data collection was overall ok, because some of the group members weren’t cooperating, and not doing work. I thought designing the board for the exhibtion was cool because you get to decide where to put things and you get to put cool props on your board. The whole purpose of the exhibition is to persuade the people visiting to take more action regarding your topic. My group is displaying our exhibit on Thursday, May 9th 2011. I hope I get easy questions from visitors and ace the exhibition.