IB Learner Profile Trait #2 – Communicator

To be a communicator means to be able to work well collaboratively, speak fluently in more than one language, which I have been able to effectively demonstrate.

I am a fluent Mandarin and Cantonese speaker and can write and read it also. I have been in the highest level available in the Chinese program since the first grade, but have recently decided to switch to the French program in order to immerse myself in a different language and culture as well. My Chinese and French works can be seen below –

Chinese Book Report by Natalie on Scribd

NK – Tâche de production écrite- Article de journal (1) by Natalie on Scribd

Apart from speaking languages fluently, I am also able to work collaboratively efficiently with my peers. I have participated in an in-school writing competition (Write For Kids) for a Global Issues Network club at my school, The Reading Tree. I created this competition winning book along with one of my close friends, collaborating together in order to reach the ultimate goal of producing an aesthetically pleasing piece that also conveys the issues of discrimination. This book can be read below –

TRT EloiseFan&NatalieKwok WritingCompetition Copy by Natalie on Scribd