TOK Task #7 – Faith and Intuition


Faith Knowledge
  • something that someone believes in (e.g. religion)
  • something that stems from an opinion
  • something that is learnt from external information → if taught, taught by what is determined to be ‘true’ at the time
  • can distract from reality → belief overtakes what is actually true and prevents someone from understanding/learning the full truth of some form of information
  • influences perception of something → pre-existing bias towards a certain belief causes an obstruction in acquiring information (ignorance)
  • knowledge is not always correct and the absolute truth, so when shared, false knowledge prevents one from understanding information to its truest
  • when sharing/acquiring knowledge, the language used to explain it can be difficult to understand which can result in inaccuracies when acquiring knowledge
Justifications as WOK
  • works collaboratively  with other ways of knowing to allow us to learn (e.g. faith is stored in memories as it is what we believe)
  • allows us to understand things from a certain perspective (e.g. someone sharing information pertaining to their faith and/or beliefs)
  • what we know is derived from knowledge from the past (developments in knowledge allow us to understand more)
  • works collaboratively with other ways of knowing to further enhance our understanding (e.g. cohesive language should be used when sharing information so knowledge can be universally acquired and understood)

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