PE Healthy Habits Reflection

Over the course of a semester, I have completed the Healthy Habits assignment. My original goals were to drink herbal tea and read a book/magazine 30-60min before bed, get 8-9 hrs of quality sleep at least 3x/week. It was also to take part in a physical activity 3 times a week and to cut back on processed food and increase real food.

I believe that I have definitely met most of these goals, particularly the fitness and food ones. I was less successful at the sleep goals, but I am presently working on that and am proud to say that my hours of sleep have increased from four/five hours to six/seven. I am still working on this goal actively, and am hoping that by the end of 2017, I will be able to reach this goal. I also was less successful at drinking herbal tea and reading a book/magazine 30-60min before bed because I would be extremely tired or in a rush to get to bed and thus, wouldn’t have time to relax. I am also working on this presently as I really hope to be more awake during the day so I can participate and absorb knowledge. 

I have reached my goal of taking part in physical activity 3 times a week and found out that I am quite fond of it. I began working out everyday with short HIIT workouts and saw results. I was feeling better, looking better and was more focused and motivated. I achieved this goal utilising many apps and workouts, such as the Nike+ Fitness app. It was very useful for me during the time as it would track my process and motivate me to continue working out. 

I have also reached my goal of cutting back on processed food and increasing the amount of real food I consume. As I was trying to reach this goal, I became more aware of what I was eating and would check the labels for things such as sodium, trans fats etc. and would gradually realise that some of the snacks that I consumed were absolutely detrimental to my health and therefore, would stop eating them. I also cut back on soda consumption, as that has a lot of sugar. Amazingly enough, I haven’t had soda in over three months! 

Overall, setting the Healthy Habits goals was a great experience for me – I gained a lot out of it and have become more physically it, happier, and more awake and ready to participate. I have also learnt to become more diligent as I began to respect and follow the goals that I set. I also developed my ‘willpower’ skills, as now I am more motivated to work out and eat healthier and sleep earlier, which has definitely helped me. My grades have improved and so have my relationships with my teachers and peers. I believe that I am going to keep on working on my Healthy Habits and strive to be the best I can be. 

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