Reflection On Heartbeats Design Unit (History + Design)

This term, the Design project is integrated with History class, and the task is to create a documentary film, so before I begin my project, it is imperative that I reflect on ways to improve.

From the Heartbeats unit, I achieved 7’s on Crit A and C, which were lower than the rest, and so judging from that, I need to work on my research and process journal more than the rest. However, personally, I believe that I need to improve on my process journal entries more as they were not cohesive enough. I can improve on my process journal entries by being more specific in the reflection of my application of skills, challenges, strengths, future plans and include more images of my work in my process journal. To measure that I have completed these in my process journals, I will utilise a checklist that incorporates all of the topics that must be discussed in order to ensure success, and thoroughly double-check my work before Crit C is due. This will help me grow stronger as a learner as I will learn to manage and deal with any obstacles thrown my way more effectively as it will be laid out in an organised matter.

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