Are Increasing Rates of Urbanisation A Good Thing? • [Geography of Canada]

Are Increasing Rates of Urbanisation A Good Thing?

    There are two sides to every question, this being one of them. Increasing rates of urbanisation is a good thing because it allows the area occupied to grow economically and hence accumulate more global wealth and recognition. An example would be Mexico, as it changed over time from an agricultural-based country to one with a notable industry. Industrialised agriculture is one of the aspects in the developed industry. Also, it’s a good thing because more economic growth can lead to more funding for scientific research and manufacturing goods. Negative aspects of increasing rates of urbanisation is that people continuously migrating and reproducing in that area can lead to overpopulation, which can link to lack of resources and therefore, raising the rates of poverty. Another negative factor of increasing rates of urbanisation is that with the continuously growing economic growth, more factories will be built in order to manufacture goods that suit the citizens’ needs and international needs, which can result in pollution and thus, dirtying the environment around us, an example being in China. China has developed into an economical hub that has many trading relations and is quite wealthy, but due to all the factories causing immense amounts of air pollution, resulting in many deaths in children, adults and animals.

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