Healthy Habits: Final Analysis

by 042690 on May 7, 2017


Level 1(Food): Eat a Healthy Breakfast At Least 2 Times A Week 

Level 3(Sleep): Get 8-10 hrs of quality sleep at least 5 times per week.

Level 3(Fitness): Walk 10,000+ steps per day


Were you able to continue with your selected habits for the entire semester. Explain.

For the most part, I was comfortably able to follow all of my goals that I had set for my self. Because I play basketball every day at school and I also play other sports outside of school such as cricket and tennis, I had no problem achieving my goal of getting 10,000 steps because I did lots of exercise every day to ensure that I stayed fit.  I also didn’t have much of a problem getting 8-10 hours of quality sleep at least 5 times per week because on school nights I am normally asleep by 10:00pm and wake up at around 6pm meaning that I get a solid 8 hours of sleep. On weekends, sometimes I sleep more especially if I stay up late watching a sports match. I tried to eat a healthy breakfast every week by eating things such as eggs and bagels that had good nutritional value.

Was this experience useful in promoting health and wellness into your life? Will you try to continue to implement some of the habits into your daily lives? Explain.

Overall, I think though this experience may have not been extremely useful in promoting health and wellness in my life, it will make me more wary about my health, fitness, sleep and nutrition. The reason that this was not the most useful for promoting health and wellness is that to some extent, I was already kind of achieving some of these goals even before I started this project. I think that this project made me wary that what I was doing was very important to ensuring that I stayed healthy because exercising a lot and getting a good amount of sleep every night is definitely key to having a healthy life and balanced lifestyle. On the other hand, I think that my food goal has allowed me to see how I don’t always eat many healthy things for breakfast and how I should change that a little bit by eating things that have more nutritional value such as eggs and bagels. That is something I will definitely try to continue to implement even after this project is over because I think that doing so is important to ensure that I am eating things that have good nutritional value. The exercise goal and the sleep goal are things that I will definitely try to continue to implement because they are all things that lead to a balanced lifestyle. I have also noticed that my ability to go to sleep early and get enough rest is also one of the driving factors that leads me to have the energy/strength to play sports at school and out of it. For example, by sleeping for 8 hours on school nights, I have the energy to play basketball the next morning before school starts or I have enough energy to get through the school day and play cricket after school.


If you were to do this again, what would you change? Explain.

If I were to do this again, I would try to set my own fitness goal because the fitness goal was sometimes not challenging enough for me. If I were to stick with this fitness goal, I would try to find a way to accurately record the number of steps I have taken because I would not have any thing tracking my steps when I played sports (I didn’t want to have a phone in my pocket when playing sports like basketball cricket or tennis) so I would not see an accurate # of steps that I had taken each day. This way, I am not limited to using data from when I walked more than 10,000 steps without any sports which hinders my ability to show how I was successful in this goal.

Another change I would make is to make my food goal a little bit harder by possibly making the goal a healthy 3-4 breakfasts a week. This would force me to become even more wary of what I eat for breakfast and ensure that I eat a healthy breakfast for most of the week. I think my sleep goal was suitable because even though it is something that I normally achieve, it is definitely something that I should try to keep up for as long as possible.

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