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by 042690 on May 6, 2017

I have tried to eat healthy breakfasts (eggs, bagels, whole wheat breads) over the last few months and these are some of things I have eaten that are healthy and have good nutritional value.

Once to Twice A Week


Once to Twice A Week


Once a Week


Once a Week (occasionally Twice)


Example of Breakfast By Day of the Week:

Sunday – Bagel

Monday – Cereal/Egg

Tuesday – Toast

Wednesday – Cereal

Thursday – Egg

Friday – Toast

Saturday – Pancakes

Overall, I have been eating slightly healthier compared with what I used to because now I eat things with more. Though I do indulge in unhealthy things such as pancakes on Saturdays, I often will eat things with good nutritional value in the week such as eggs to ensure that I am eating healthy and also have enough energy for the day.

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