DP IB Visual Arts

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Our DP classes will help Grade 12 students become acquainted with the forms and varieties of visual arts throughout time and across cultures, beyond traditional boundaries and to connect many areas of study and human experience. Artistic expression ranges from traditional forms to the varied practices associated with design, craft, electronic media, drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Through the visual arts, people acquire understandings that are unique in human development. The visual arts allow students ways in which to interpret and comment critically on the human condition. The visual arts promote a sense of identity and provide students with the opportunity to develop a critical and intensely personal view of themselves in relation to the world.

Our DP classes also enables Grade 11 students to further develop their knowledge and skills in visual arts. Students will use the creative process to explore a wide range of themes through studio work that may include drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking, as well as the creation of collage, multimedia works, and works using emerging technologies. Students will use the critical analysis process when evaluating their own work and the work of others. The course may be delivered as a comprehensive program or through a program focused on a particular art form (e.g. photography, video, computer graphics, information design).