Britannica OnlineBritannica Online Encyclopaedia is an excellent source and one of our library's online databases.
Gale in Context - Middle SchoolFrom the CDNIS Gale databases. Search for "British colonialism" or "French colonialism" or "Spanish colonialism," etc.
ThoughtCoSeveral excellent articles describing the motivations and impact of European expansion and colonisation globally
Digital HistoryWebsite article describing the general motivations and impact of European expansion and colonisation -- mainly French and English in North America
PBS LearningFrom PBS Media: The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 - general information on how Africa was "carved up" by European countries, with a focus on Belgian Congo
Exploring AfricaExploring Africa - discusses the history of the colonisation of Africa by Europeans
The ConversationAn article dealing mostly with the impact of colonialism on India
AlJazeera Germany: Confronting the Colonial Roots of Racism -- interesting article with applications beyond Germany
WebPath ExpressIf you need to search the internet for more sources, do it through WebPath Express!