Explore the links below for some stimulating research ideas!

MediumA community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas large and small
PBS Idea ChannelYouTube channel with challenging and stimulating clips from PBS
Open CultureFree cultural and educational media
Royal Society
of the Arts
RSA YouTube channel -- "21st century enlightenment: enriching society through ideas and action"
Brainpickings"... a cross-disciplinary LEGO treasure chest, full of pieces spanning art, science, psychology, design, philosophy, history, politics, anthropology, and more" -- Maria Popova, creator of Brain Pickings
Science DailyTop science news
TED TalksIdeas worth spreading
Arts and Letters DailyFrom The Chronicle of Higher Education: philosophy, aesthetics, literature, language trends, breakthroughs, ideas, criticism, culture, history, music, art
Crash CourseYouTube channel with clips by John Green and his brother Hank
TVOTVOntario -- providing "innovative educational products, in-depth current affairs, groundbreaking documentaries..."
Big ThinkA knowledge forum -- big ideas from experts in every field
The ConversationIn-depth analysis, research, news and ideas from leading academics and researchers
The Edge"To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves."
DIY Genius300+ mind-expanding documentaries you can watch online
ScholarWorks (Indiana University/ University of Purdue Indiana)ScholarWorks shares over 8,000 articles, posters, reports, theses, educational materials and historical documents submitted by members of the campus community. (Also available from other major universities.)