Read ebooks!

Hi students,

With the EDB-mandated closure, you may be sitting at home right now wishing you had a good book to read. I’m currently reading Adam Gidwitz’s novel  A Tale Dark & Grimm. You see what he did there with the play on words? You got it, it’s a story about the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales, and the remake of the stories themselves are rather grim and gruesome!

Anyway, I’m here to remind you that we have a collection on e-books on Overdrive that you can read.

For Overdrive, follow this link for how to use your school account to log in (after you have downloaded the appropriate app). I read on my iPad.

You can also check out the HK Public Library page for information on downloading Chinese and English ebooks and audiobooks (there are even some audiobooks in French, German and Portuguese).

So curl up with a good book, read off your favourite device.

Happy reading!



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