61 days of summer…reading!

Ahhhhh, summer holiday: sleeping, eating, travelling, playing video games ALL the time…

Doesn’t it feel like FOREVER ago?!

Here’s your chance to reflect upon the summer. Did you do any reading-at the beach, on the plane, before bed? If so, take a screenshot of the book cover and write a summary and/or review of 61 words or less! **but no spoilers** 

Send the pic and write up to heatherjablonowski@cdnis.edu.hk

(deadline October 4th)

Here’s mine:

(King) Henry VIII as a high schooler – his 6 wives are transformed into this high schooler’s 6 girlfriends, while still keeping some of the storyline historically accurate. But the real Henry VIII beheaded 2 of his wives…has he done the same to his girlfriends in this novel??? You’ll have to read it to find out!!

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