World Champ Poetry Slammer wows CDNIS!

On November 17, Grade 8 and 9 students found out just how COOL poetry could be — with a performance by Poetry Slam World Champion, Harry Baker! From bumble bees to prime numbers, to dinosaur love, Harry’s poems both inspire and entertain!

Later in the day, several classes of grade 11 and 12 students spent time in workshops producing poetry of their own under Harry’s guidance.

They listened….

they wrote…







and they shared their poetry.

About Harry:
While in university, Harry won several poetry slam competitions, and in 2012 went on to become the youngest ever World Slam Poetry Champion.  His debut anthology, The Sunshine Kid, was published in December 2014; check it out — the library has several copies!!!

Harry’s work has now been translated into 15 languages, in addition to being viewed millions of times worldwide through his numerous TED Talks. Give them a listen to learn more about Harry, and for some truly fine entertainment!


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