Summertime reading!

Are you in Grade 11?…then keep reading! If not, skip down the page to read some recommendations for you, too!

Grade 11s

In addition to the IBDP prescribed books, the library now has a selection of books from the Oxbridge recommend reading list! These texts, recommended by both Oxford and Cambridge as preparatory reading for prospective applicants, are located in the library with a big sign, stating IBDP/Oxbridge Recommended Reading.


Lists for each collection can be generated by going onto the Destiny server, and entering the search terms “IBDP recommended reading” OR “Oxbridge”.

Mr Aldridge, our very own UK university specialist, believes that these texts are appropriate for Grade 9s and up! He said, “I recommend multiple readings of the texts relevant to the area of study a student might pursue.” He also knows that an understanding of some of these texts will help students in their interview during the Oxford or Cambridge (or any other university!) application process. He continued by stating “this in-depth knowledge can’t be crammed in the last year at school or coached in, it must be built up over time.”

**Note that only Grade 11s can borrow these books over the summer…but in August, grades 9 and up can check them out!!

Grades 7 to 11

Long flights?
Long days spent on the beach or by the pool?
Rainy days keeping you inside?
Suffering from jet lag and awake at strange hours of the night?!

Don’t forget about our digital library: OverDrive!! All students can borrow books from OverDrive throughout the summer. Use your CDNIS student number to sign into OverDrive, and get reading!! You can even put some books on hold and you’ll be notified once the book is available.

Also consider heading over to HK Central Library (or your nearest library branch) – they’ve got a good collection of fiction in English and Chinese. Or, if you’re travelling to the US/Canada, and if you or your relatives¬†have a permanent address there, go to your local library and get a library card! I did this last summer, and the Halifax Public Library has an extensive collection on eBooks. And better still, they use OverDrive, too! Easy peasy!!

Check out these 2 sites that recommend some summertime Young Adult reads:
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And check out the 5 books that Bill Gates suggests for summertime reading!

Happy (summer) Reading EVERYONE!!

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