What’s Your Book? (episode 11)

Monsieur Bourcier has sat down to have two conversations with you; one in English and one long chat in French!! powerofcolours

The book he is discussing is entitled L’Étonnant Pouvoir des Couleurs, or The Astonishing Power of Colours, by Jean-Gabriel  Causse. This book, published in 2014, takes the reader on an odyssey through the colour wheel of our daily lives, informing us about the colours that make us better thinkers and listeners; which colours make us happier; and even the crazy fact that the darker the ketchup…the spicier we will perceive it to be!!

Whether you’re artsy fartsy and interested in how to appeal to a wider (or more specific) audience, or if you’d like a few hints on how to study better or feel more energized…pick up this book today!!


[image taken from www.jg-causse.com]


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