Book review website (and much more!!)

If you wandered around the Personal Project exhibition earlier this year, you may have had the chance to speak with the student who created a website for book reviews. And if not, let me introduce you to Gitanjali and Dreaming Star!


So what makes this site different from GoodReads or any other review website? Dreaming Star is a website that is student focused. Not only that, but within this site you can also find help with writing techniques and eventually there will be live discussions. Awesome!

I sat down to chat with this book lover about her Personal Project:

Librarian’s Sidekick: Tell me about Dreaming Star.

Gitanjali: I really like reading and writing. I wanted to create a central platform with sections where students can write book reviews, and also a place where students can leave their work and others can provide feedback and guidance.

Librarian’s Sidekick: Why did you choose this endeavour for your Personal Project?

Gitanjali: It took me a long time to decide on a topic; I wanted to focus on a passion, learn transferable skills, create something just for students, and combine reading and writing. So this is what I decided to do!

Librarian’s Sidekick: What are your big take-aways from this project?

Gitanjali: I learned a lot about book reviews, creating a website, and how plug-ins work. In fact, one of my biggest challenges was trying to get plug-ins for collaboration to work.

Librarian’s Sidekick: What are your plans for the future of Dreaming Star?

Gitanjali: I want to get more people contributing content, like book reviews. I also hope to set up live book discussions, kind of like an online book club.

Check out the Dreaming Star link (above) and read reviews from the CDNIS student community. And while you’re there, write a review for a book you’ve enjoyed, too!! **but no spoilers!!**


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