What’s Your Book? (episode 9)

In this in instalment, Pan Lao Shi speaks to you about her favourite book, Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xue Qin (紅樓夢 by 曹雪芹). Originally published in 1791, I think we can agree it has stood the test of time! It’s clearly a popular book because the San Francisco Opera is performing Dream of the Red Chamber this year at the Hong Kong Arts Festival (March 17-18).

And for the first time ever we’ve got two videos: one in Mandarin and one in English (the crowd goes wild with excitement!!!!)!



As you can see from the video(s), Ms. Pan’s copy of Dream the Red Chamber is beautiful; the artwork seems to tell as much of the story as the poems themselves.

Is it true that all Chinese students need to need this book? Have any of you read this book? What did you think of it? Why not practice your Mandarin and have a conversation with Ms Pan about this story!


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