We’re being attacked online…

Facts…and alternative facts (uhhh, you mean untruths?!)

There’s so much information online now – you can Google an answer to anything and everything.

But the problem lies in judging the answer you’ve been given, especially if this information involves politics, religion, or other contentious issues.

I know you’ve recently read a post about fake news (as I’ve recently written said post!), but here’s some more information to arm you against this online attack…

(click on image to get a better view)



Or how about this one minute video about spotting fake news?


And thanks to another video from Common Sense Media, here are 4 useful websites for fact checking:

  1.  Poynter.org – transparency and real journalism, as well as a weekly newsletter about fact checking
  2. OpenSecrets.org – helps you follow the money trail deeply embedded in politics
  3. FactCheck.org – just like the site name suggests, you can dig deeper and find questions and answers to current hot topics (check out Viral Spiral…debunking bogus Facebook, and other social media, claims)
  4. Snopes.com – more debunking…errr…fact checking! This isn’t just about politics; the most current topic is asking if The Simpsons predicted Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show!!

Be a critical thinker, and disseminate facts…don’t be guilty of spreading lies…I mean alternative facts…

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