Golden Dragon and your Winter Break

What do dragons and the winter break have in common? 

Take time out during the winter break to read for pleasure (and not because your DP exams, class assessments or Personal Project demands it). Allow your imagination to soar…

Come up to the Library this week and check out our newest books – the 2017 shortlisted nominees for the Golden Dragon Award!

Wondering about the Golden Dragon Award? These are Hong Kong book awards, for internationally-minded students…like YOU!

We’ve purchased the six nominees, and multiple copies of each, for the following two Golden Dragon Award categories: Older Readers (ages 11-15), and Mature Readers (ages 15-18). Here are the books we have on offer:










The War That Saved My Life and I Woke Up Dead at the Mall have titles that intrigue me. I admit, very often it’s the title or the cover design that draws me to a book. In fact, sometimes I don’t even read the back cover to get a summary of the novel (sometimes the back cover gives too much away, right?!)

Be the first to borrow and read one of the shortlisted books!! Psst, in the Spring we’ll be able to vote on these nominees…the more shortlisted novels you read, the more informed your vote will be!




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