You may know her as your English teacher, club supervisor or Student Advisory teacher…

…now you’ll know her as a published author!!vandebrouckebook

Ms. Van De Broucke has had a poem published within Afterness, a collection of short stories, poetry, memoirs and essays.

Her poem, “You, Me and Mory” centres around the idea of memory. This is a subject of personal significance to the author; having witnessed the impact of Alzheimer’s disease and the onset of dementia upon family members. Not only the impact upon the sufferers, but the emotions that are brought to the surface by witnessing this slow deterioration of mind and body. This poem is a dedication, albeit a macabre one, to the living and the dead.

Ms Van De Broucke enjoys writing in all genres, though her preference is fiction prose. In fact, although this published piece is poetry, she finds it the most difficult genre in which to write. Why? Yes, it offers instantaneous gratification (short and sweet), but this CDNIS English teacher agonises over individual word imagery-language that is economical and concise, as a brevity of words is required with poetry. Ms Van De Broucke stated that poetry is about images that capture emotion.¬†To become a poem it must have that artistry; the crafting of those words with images is where the poetry comes in. Crafting those two together is where you get the essence of the poem. She said, it’s like a diamond in the rough, and only after it’s been polished can the beauty be found.

Ms Van De Brouke enjoys the challenge of writing (and teaching) creative non-fiction. She believes there’s an ethical impact to this writing – how you impact people and the memories you choose to shape and share. For creative non-fiction, like memoirs, to what extent must the writer keep things accurate to the truth? Whose truth is true? Within this genre there is a false distinction between fiction and non-fiction.

Stop by the Library and take a look at her poem, “You, Me and Mory”. What are your thoughts?




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