CAS Week – A Discovery Week

Does it feel like CAS Week was just yesterday? Or does it feel like it occurred months ago?!

Throughout CAS Week you were introduced to activities that challenged you, service that inspired you, and creative opportunities that  expanded your abilities. All in all, hopefully this week of discovery encouraged personal growth within you.


So now what…?

Where do you go from here…?

Is all forgotten until next November…?

If you were moved, impassioned, contemplative, nervous, or any other emotion was stirred within you…keep it up!!

Go online and discover: read more about sustainable farming in Japan; read through one of the Guinness Book of World Records, found in the Library, for some high tension/high adrenaline activities (ledge swing in New Zealand anyone?!); learn more about the Hakka culture in China; sign-up for a metalworking class in Sheung Wan; join a Habitat for Humanity build trip in China (March 2017) to help provide adequate housing for families in need; read about the many Hong Kong hikes and then hit trails;¬†the possibilities are endless…

Think and Question

Read and Learn

Act and Engage!

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