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I wrote a post about The Reading Tree back in January (before this blog even went live!) and I’d like to update you on this CDNIS club that’s passionate about improving literacy in Hong Kong and abroad in Bagan, Myanmar.

The Reading Tree’s mission is: To establish a transferable English curriculum in order to support learning environments within the local and global community.

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A recent study by Hong Kong University found that in the workplace in Hong Kong oral English is used 33% with colleagues and 48% with clients (see the full report here). However, the same study found that only 6% of the people surveyed speak English well and 1.5% speak English to a high degree.

Enter The Reading Tree, a group of CDNIS students (currently with 59 members!) who want to begin the love of literacy with young students and encourage the enjoyment of reading in English. One way The Reading Tree has been making a difference is through Kids4Kids: club members volunteer to go read and play games with young HK students!

The upcoming Kids4Kids dates are November 4, November 25, and December 2 (meet in room 513 at 3:45pm on these dates); anyone is able to join if you sign up here. You don’t have to be part of the Myanmar CAS Week group to join…anyone can help make a difference to the lives of some eager HK kids!!

Please contact student Nicole Lau, The Reading Tree club president, if you have any questions or if you’d like to find out more information!

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