Reading…for the fun of it!!!

Do you read for pleasure?

Hopefully your answer was a resounding YES!!

But for others, voluntary reading may be a bit more of a struggle. Perhaps you feel you don’t have time, or maybe you haven’t found a genre that you really enjoy.

Did you know that reading for pleasure has sooooooooo many benefits?!

Of course the obvious first benefit is the happiness we feel when we truly connect to a book; we become engaged with the story and feel a connection with the characters (even if we are angered by a character and are made to feel loathing). However, more than this, evidence has shown that reading books of our own choosing “improves literacy, social skills, health and learning outcomes” (National Library of New Zealand). And did you know, studies show that independent reading also ups your chances of academic and economic success (Raising Bookworms); think of how happy your parents will be! 😉  An article in the Toronto Star, written earlier this month, mentions the positive effects that reading has on mental health and on increasing one’s empathy towards others. Finally, recreational reading allows readers to gain understanding of different cultures and encourages active citizenship (shout out to Civics class!!) (National Library of New Zealand). Take a look at the stats that Raising Bookworms has amassed from a variety of sources; one of the stats I found quite interesting was that someone who reads for pleasure is 1.5 times more likely to participate in sports activities.

And reading for pleasure has been made easier with eBooks. Our school provider, OverDrive, has hundreds of books at your fingertips…literally! Though I was surprised to find that reading a print book in the U.S. is still the preferred method of reading by 65% of the people polled (

So, with the October break quickly approaching, stop by the Library or go onto OverDrive. Get a book. Go wild and get two books! And do some reading…not because your teacher assigned it, but because you want to relax, laugh, cry, improve your social skills, learn more about another culture, and/or be empowered to become an active citizen!

Happy reading!!!



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