Battle of the Books

Are you ready for a book fight?!

Well, it’s not really a fight…but it IS a battle of knowledge about the stories you’ve read throughout the year!

BATTLE OF THE BOOKS, open to all grade 6-8 students, is a Hong Kong-wide competition intended to encourage reading and teamwork. ¬†Battle of the Books students need to read up to 20 pre-set books (but no need to freak out if you can’t read all 20!). The official battle takes place in May each year, when students collaborate in teams to answer questions about these books.¬†It’s a great opportunity to be exposed to quality young adult literature of various genres, written by authors from around the English-speaking world.

Want to learn more? Better yet, want to join up?! If you have questions, you can contact Ms. Holm. And if you’d like to sign up, then contact Ms. Holm. See how easy that is?!

Meeting day: Once a week, at lunch (the day will be determined soon, based on the participant’s schedules). Grade 6 participants will also meet once a week, but during their lunch period (also to be determined soon).



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