Story telling with Dan Yashinsky

Canadian storyteller Dan Yashinsky visited us today.

Beginning the lesson with a musical tune (from a Puny Tune) and a riddle, he had the attention of the grade 7 students immediately.

And then the stories began…

First, a Jewish story about granting a wish. Then, a West Coast First Nations story about how mosquitoes came to be. Next, a ghost story, as experienced by his brother Mark. And finally, a Quebecois story about Tijean (petit Jean=little John) and 3 coloured piglets.

Dan YashinskyDan Yashinsky 6








The students oohed, aahed, giggled, shouted, and yelled out! Crowd participation was inevitable given the funny and spooky stories we were told.

Want to know more about Dan Yashinsky and the stories he tells? Read about him here.

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