What’s Your Book? (Episode 4)

Hello readers,

Mr. Hoye sat down to chat about a novel which he couldn’t put down: Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. But why did he pick it up in the first place?…the title!

As an author and philosopher who grew up in pre-Revolutionary Russia, Ayn Rand (birth name Alisa Rosenbaum) moved to the USA in 1926. Arriving at Ellis Island and then moving across the country to Hollywood, Rand had her first novel The Fountainhead rejected more than ten times before a publishing house finally picked it up. She began a philosophy named Objectivism which influenced other philosophies, like Libertarianism.

So what makes this novel so powerful? And why are we still reading her books today? (Rand is even discussed in your Grade 9 Civics class!!) Watch Episode 4 of What’s Your Book to find out more!!


Photo of book cover and information on Ayn Rand taken from www.goodreads.com

Have you read an early 20th century novel? Comment below and let me know!

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