What’s Your Book? (episode 3)

In honour of World Book Day¬†yesterday, we have the third episode of What’s Your Book, featuring Ms. Hosick speaking about a book that she’s enjoyed reading. Published in 1759 (yes, over 250 years ago!), the themes within this book are still strong today.

Here’s a summary from www.goodreads.com:Candide

Brought up in the household of a powerful Baron, Candide is an open-minded young man, whose tutor, Pangloss, has instilled in him the belief that ‘all is for the best’. But when his love for the Baron’s rosy-cheeked daughter is discovered, Candide is cast out to make his own way in the world.

And so he and his various companions begin a breathless tour of Europe, South America and Asia, as an outrageous series of disasters befall them – earthquakes, syphilis, a brush with the Inquisition, murder – sorely testing the young hero’s optimism.


This tale involves a lot of travel. Do you have a favourite story that takes the reader to different countries or cultures? Comment below and let me know!


Photo of book cover taken from www.goodreads.com

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