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Have you ever wondered how you can help your community, be an active MYP learner AND share your love of reading?

Here at CDNIS we have a lot of clubs and after school activities and sometimes it’s difficult to choose how you spend your time. Your teachers always talk about the Learner Profile – balanced and caring are part of that profile; leading a balanced life of intellectual, physical and emotional well-being and also showing empathy, compassion and respect through an awareness of the needs of others.Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 8.15.57 am

Enter The Reading Tree, once known as Engage Myanmar, a program created in 2013 by Mr Lee and Mr Petzold along with a group of keen students who had participated in the 2012 CAS Week trip to, you guessed it…Myanmar. Initially, Engage Myanmar was created to raise money for resources for the primary school in Myanmar and to create and improve a reading program which would be used with the teachers and students at this primary school in subsequent years.

In 2014, one Grade 11 student saw how Engage Myanmar could improve on it’s goal for a sustainable reading program and that was by working with the HK-based organisation Kids 4 Kids. Effectively reading aloud to a group of young children is a skill that needs to be developed; by developing this skill through practice reading, our CDNIS students are also bringing joy to young and active listeners at an Ap Lei Chau government-run primary school.

Since the early years of its inception, this club has gone through a transformation; Engage Myanmar has branched out and renamed itself The Reading Tree. Speaking of branches, this new name reflects the many offshoots that the club has to offer: Engage Myanmar, for the yearly CAS Week trips to Bagan, Myanmar; Kids 4 Kids, for the HK primary school reading program; and the currently-in-development program working with the CDNIS Primary students. And even more branches are in the works!

The Reading Tree is always looking for more CDNIS Upper School students to join. It’s a great way to connect with your community, while doing something good for others. In fact, no prior experience is required!!

Here are the upcoming dates for getting involved with The Reading Tree, reading and playing games with primary students: 

March 4, 11, 18

April 15, 29

(4:30-6:30 – transportation is provided)

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