Social Responsibility

As members of a learning institution, we have a duty to be socially responsible to all members of our community. We further have a duty to reach out and use our talents and gifts to support those who are less privileged. With the adoption of a new CDNIS Mission Statement and a commitment to honour the IB Mission Statement, we are called to become responsible global citizens and to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

In addition, on a much more local setting, we have a responsibility to respect and properly maintain all school property (including building, grounds, equipment, furnishings, textbooks etc.). Those who destroy or deface school property will be required to pay the full cost of repair or replacement. The student must also replace lost school property. Students are expected to return their textbooks, library resources, musical instruments and all loaned equipment in the same condition (within reason) that they received them.

In the event of materials or payment outstanding of any kind, further borrowing privileges will be denied and the report card/transcript will be withheld.

It is the responsibility of all CDNIS students to be aware of, and to abide by, the Code of Behaviour. It is the responsibility of parents who chose to send their children to CDNIS to understand and accept the philosophy of the school and its regulations and to support the school in their enforcement. It is the responsibility of the school administration and teachers to be objective and even-handed in the administration of the Code of Behaviour, to maintain respect for students, and to make communication with parents and students around matters of discipline as open as possible.