Academic programmes at CDNIS are rigorous and demanding. For this reason, students are expected to achieve and maintain certain levels of achievement in order to be promoted to the next grade level.

In the Middle Years Programme, students receive a mid-year report in February of each academic year. Students who do not meet the criteria described below on the mid-year report will be placed on academic probation. The Upper School Vice Principal will notify parents in writing of their child’s probationary status. Student progress will be closely monitored in the final term. At the time of the year-end MYP report in June, if the student continues to underachieve, he/she may be required to leave CDNIS unless there are extenuating circumstances to indicate that the current level of achievement is not an accurate reflection of the student’s potential to achieve success in the IB Diploma Programme. For Grade 10 students, if CDNIS is able to provide the student with a viable Diploma Programme, he/she may be required to complete a programme of academic reinforcement before commencing IB Year 1 (ie. summer courses, mandatory tutoring, etc.).