Late Submission of Assignments Policy

Late Submission of Assignments Policy

It is important that all students continue to develop ownership and responsibility for their education.  In order to encourage and develop self-management skills, support will be provided to assist students with completing assessments on time. In addition, consequences will be identified for students who submit assessments late or who fail to submit an assessment.

A. To encourage and promote successful achievement for all students, teachers will:
– Communicate in advance key dates for completing assessments.
– Plan for major assessments to be completed in stages, so that students are less likely to be faced with an “all-or-nothing” situation at the last minute.
– Encourage and model time-management skills and techniques.

B. To demonstrate responsible attitudes and develop self-management skills, students will:
– Communicate with teachers when there are extenuating circumstances that prevent them from meeting a deadline.
– Hand in work on time even if they are away from school on the submission date.
– Seek assistance from teachers and counselor to develop alternative strategies to manage deadlines and prioritize tasks.
– Strive to be principled and positive when faced with challenges that he/she may not be able to overcome alone.
– Maintain an honest and respectful attitude when communicating with teachers.

C. To encourage student responsibility and the development of self-management skills, all teachers will:
– Take into consideration legitimate reasons for missed deadlines
– Assist the student with the completion of the assessment by requiring them to attend the next scheduled revision session(s) or additional sessions purposely planned to address the late submission.
– Provide alternate assessments where, in the teacher’s professional judgment, it is reasonable and appropriate to do so.
– Discuss and agree on a revised submission date.
– Communicate with the student’s parents/guardian and share information on any decisions made in relation to a revised deadline, alternative assessment or consequences associated with a late submission.
– Communicate with the student’s counsellor to deal positively with repeat cases of late submissions.

Consequences for Late Submission of Assignments

  • Consequences for late work will address behavior, not achievement.

  • Work evaluated against specific criteria will reflect a valid assessment of the criteria and not be impacted by the lateness of the work. Staff will not deduct points for late work.

  • Late and missed assignments for evaluation will be noted on the report card as part of the evaluation of a student’s development of the Learning Skills / Work Habits/ Approaches to Learning Skill.

  • Failure to complete the required assessment tasks for a given course may prevent students from establishing a pattern of achievement and reaching the upper levels of the IB / OSSD grading scale.

For IB Diploma Programme Internal Assessment tasks which need to be forwarded externally for examination or moderation, extensions are not usually possible.

Missed Test / Exam

Students who are absent for a test will be given an alternate test on their first day back in the respective course. A doctor’s note will be required to validate the absence. If a student does not submit a doctor’s note or submits a parent letter only the teacher will follow-up with a parent to inquire about the absence. Students absent for an exam will be given a zero. The only exceptions are at the discretion of the principal. Illness must be documented by a doctor’s note submitted no later than three days after the exam.

For IB Diploma Programme exams we follow the IB exam attendance protocol.

Practices Related to Supporting Students with Attendance on Test Days:

  • Teachers are required to share with students the requirement that a doctor’s note be submitted to verify an absence on the day of a test.

  • Teachers are required to check the appropriate Grade Calendar to avoid scheduling tests on days when three assessments are already listed.

  • Teachers are required to post the date of their tests in the appropriate Grade Calendar.