The Uniform Policy for Grades 6-12 is outlined below:


Students are required to wear their school uniform at all times at school during the day. This includes during lunch, spares and breaks as well as before and after school. 


  • Unless in PE, all students should be wearing the shirt/blouse + pants/shorts/skirt/skort.
  • Uniform shirts/blouses may be worn tucked in or left out.
  • During PE, students should be wearing the mandatory PE shirt and shorts. PE uniforms can only be worn during PE class. 
  • The required shoe is majority black (black trainers are acceptable) with heels no higher than 3 cm. Boots are not allowed. Athletic shoes in PE can be any colour.
  • CDNIS hoodies/sweaters and the school jacket can be worn over the shirt/blouse. (The CDNIS shirt/blouse must be worn under all hoodies/sweaters and the jacket.)
  • A T-shirt can be worn under the shirt/blouse, but must be all white (no logo).
  • CDNIS hoodies, vests, blouses, shirts, pants, skirts and burgundy sweaters are available through the CDNIS 5th Floor Uniform Shop. Athletic hoodies (red and black only) are available at the Athletic office on the 3rd floor. NOTE: Clothing articles specifically created for a team or Experience Week trip are not official uniforms and should not be worn at school.
  • No sweaters, jackets or coats other than the regulation hoodies and sweaters should be worn at any time during the day, including lunch, spares and recesses.
  • Tights can be worn under skirts/skorts, but should be solid black.
  • Students may wear a scarf of their choice.
  • The appropriate school uniform is to be worn on all school field trips unless otherwise stated.
  • At all times, the school administration reserves the right to decide if clothing and/or appearance is appropriate for the school environment.


Consequences for Inappropriate Dress

Students will be asked to change and come back to see the reporting teacher in appropriate attire immediately.

  • Students may be asked to return home to change or have the appropriate uniform delivered to school.
  • The following are possible consequences for repeat offences:
  1. Detention
  2. Loss of Dress Down Day privilege
  3. Letter sent home and retained in student file
  4. Suspension