Homework assignments vary over the Upper School years. Students in MYP are expected to have 1-2 hours of homework daily or about 5-10 hours weekly. Students in the IB Diploma years should expect 2-3 hours daily or 10-15 hours per week. During exam or internal assessment periods, this load may become heavier. Time frames to complete homework will vary depending on the skill levels of each student. These timings are based on periods of focused work (not periods of multi-tasking; for example, switching between work and social media).

As a guide for the MYP years, students should not have more than two major assessments due on any given date. Major assessments generally require a significant amount of time to complete. Because MYP and DP courses often include complex tasks to be completed over extended periods of time, students will need to manage their time well.

MYP and DP teachers are expected to monitor the homework load of their students. Whenever possible, accommodations will be made to stagger tests. Teachers are encouraged to make whatever accommodations are necessary at the time due dates are established. It is important to note that the IB Diploma Programme assigns dates for completion of tasks. These dates are fixed and cannot be changed by a school. It is the students’ responsibility to plan their timetables for successful completion of their assignments.