Student Advisory

Personal, Social, and Emotional Education

Our school endeavors to address the needs of the whole child. While these include the growth of intellectual curiosity, academic knowledge and skills, we recognize that they are not limited to these. Social and emotional education of our students is an essential part of the CDNIS experience, woven into all facets of daily life. In the Upper School, Student Advisory fosters the development of students who embody self-respect, respect for others, and a strong sense of altruism and empathy.

The Student Advisory programme encompasses four domains, all inter-connected and critically important to the overall well-being of our students:

Character Development

  • awareness of one’s own strengths and values as well as a recognition of the capacity to grow

Health & Wellness

  • learning the skills needed to develop and maintain good mental and physical health


  • developing skills necessary to accept the responsibilities of citizenship, service and leadership in local and international communities 

Positive Relationships

  • learning how to form and maintain positive, healthy relationships