MYP Personal Project

The MYP Personal Project is a required component of the Middle Years Programme and is completed during the final year, year 5 or grade 10. It is an individual project with the following objectives :

  • Students manage and direct their own chosen inquiry.
  • Students demonstrate the abilities and skills to produce and present an extended piece of work.
  • Students focus on, and demonstrate an understanding of, an area of interaction. The Area of Interaction must be reflected throughout the Personal Project.
  • Students reflect on the learning process including :
  • the planning and development of the project’s goals;
  • the collection of materials and resources necessary for the project’s succes
    sful completion;
  • the choice of techniques to realize the project’s goal;
  • the analysis of information and evidence to support the project;
  • the organization and presentation of written work;
  • the reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of the project at different stages of development;
  • time management, commitment to the project and following a work plan.
  • Students must earn a grade 3 to be awarded an MYP Certificate

The Personal Project is supervised by a teacher whose role is :

  • to guide the student in following the MYP guidelines and criteria;
  • to encourage the student to follow his/her project plan;
  • to meet and discuss with the student his/her ideas, the chosen Area of Interaction, materials and resources, and to act as a facilitator;
  • to assess the project and the student’s reflections and Personal Project Report.

The Personal Project represents a significant body of work produced over an extended period of time. It is a culminating component of the MYP and offers students many opportunities for learning and expression. It is meant to challenge their creativity and thinking about issues of particular concern to them. To learn more, click here.