IB Assessment Converted to OSSD Percentages

IB teachers determine when it is necessary or prudent to give out an IB style assignment that allows students to practice for their full IB assessments. In most IB subject areas, teachers also internally assess assignments that are required components of the IB subject area. For this purpose, the International Baccalaureate Schools of Ontario (IBSO) have developed this conversion scale that will allow teachers to make certain decisions on how a student is performing on a percentage scale, once their performance using the IB evaluation rubric has been used:

For the IB Grade

For each student in every IB subject, a predicted grade out of 7 will be sent by a CDNIS teacher to the IB office in Wales. The purpose of this is primarily to guide schools on their own assessment practices as schools and teachers can see, when final results are known, how their assessment matches up with the material assessed externally by IB examiners. Students will not know their predicted grades in individual subjects. Their final IB results are published in July.

End of Year Transcripts and OSSD Diplomas for Grade 12 Students

For students in Grade 12, their final OSSD grade for courses in which they have written an IB final exam will be a weighted average of their internal assessment (70%) and their final IB grade (30%). Since the IBO does not release final grades until the first week of July, all CDNIS students in Grade 12 will receive their transcripts the second week of July, after final IB grades have been received.