Extended Essay

Each student will conduct an independent inquiry into a topic of personal interest in a specific discipline. The essay requirement provides a true culminating task for the entire IB Programme, which emphasizes inquiry-based learning from junior kindergarten to graduation. The essay provides diploma candidates with the opportunity to solidify the independent research and writing skills expected by universities. The IBO recommends that a student devote a total of approximately 40 hours of private study and writing time to the essay. The essay is no more than 4,000 words long. Each student works with a mentor who provides guidance and support to the student. All Extended Essays are assessed by external IB examiners and are graded using General and Subject- Specific assessment criteria. Together with the Theory of Knowledge results, students can achieve up to three Diploma points from the Extended Essay (EE) and the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) combined. For further information, please log-on to the Extended Essay Site with your child’s CDNIS E-mail Address.