Language B: Mandarin

Mandarin Higher Level: LKADU and HSC4M

Mandarin Standard Level: LKEDU

At the end of the Language B Mandarin course, Standard Level candidates are expected to demonstrate ability to: communicate clearly and effectively in a range of situations; understand and use accurately oral and written forms of thelanguage that are commonly encountered in a range of situations; understand and use a range of vocabulary in common usage; select a register that is generally appropriate to the situation; express ideas with general clarity and some fluency; structure arguments in a generally clear, coherent and convincing way; understand and respond appropriately to written and spoken material of average difficulty; assess some subtleties of the language in a range of forms, styles and registers; show an awareness of, and sensitivity to, some elements of the culture related.

The Higher Level Language B course gives students the opportunity to reach a high degree of competence in a language and explore the culture using the language. The range of purposes and situations for which and in which the language is used extends beyond that of the Standard Level course, for example, to the domains of work, social relationships, and the discussion of abstract ideas.