Film Higher Level: AWR3MH and AWR4MH

Film Standard Level: AWR3MS and AWR4MS

At the core of IB Film course lies a concern with clarity of understanding, critical thinking, reflective analysis, effective involvement and imaginative synthesis that is achieved through practical engagement in the art and craft of film. The course emphasizes the importance of working individually as well as a member of a group. Students will develop the professional and technical skills (including organizational skills) needed to express themselves creatively in film. They will become aware of their own perspectives and biases and learn to respect those of others. The IB Film course can become a way for students to celebrate the international and intercultural dynamic that inspires and sustains a type of contemporary film, while appreciating specifically local origins that have given rise to cinematic production in many parts of the world. The students will research and be exposed to the world around them from the past to the present and into the future through the medium of film while creating, exploring and experimenting with ideas. No previous film experience is needed to enter the IB Film course.