Grade 11 Scholarships and Awards


Jockey Club Scholarships – are awarded to 3 students who will be attending CDNIS in their graduating year and who combine outstanding academic achievement with strong leadership skills and community service involvement. The scholarship will be the tuition fee for the Grade 12 school year.


Canadian Chamber of Commerce Leadership Award – is given to an outstanding Grade 11 student who shows leadership in student government, sports, arts, or community service.

Kiwanis Community Service Award – is given to a student at the end of Grade 11 who best exemplifies the qualities and spirit associated with community involvement.

Yale University Book Award – is awarded to a Grade 11 student with outstanding grades and personal qualities.

Harvard University Book Award – is awarded to a Grade 11 student who has shown excellence in academic achievement and/or outstanding personal qualities.

Princeton University Book Award – is awarded to a student on the basis of academic excellence, exemplary community service and outstanding achievement in two or more extra-curricular endeavours.

Brown University Book Award – is awarded to the Grade 11 student who best combines academic excellence with clarity in written and spoken expression.