Main Gym

The main gym is the centre of our schools athletic program. It houses 2 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, 2 netball courts along with 7 badminton courts. It provides an excellent venue for basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, gymnastics, and many other sports. The T-Wolves logo is prominently displayed along the wall and centre court. Furthermore, there is an electronic scoreboard when we host games or tournaments.


Small Gym

The small gym is used for basketball, badminton, football and volleyball as well as gymnastics, and mainly used by younger kids.


Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is located on the 1st floor. With the new swimming program, the pool continues to be one of the busiest place with PE classes, swimming classes, team trainings happening throughout the school year.


Fitness Room

One important location to the Athletic Program is the state of the art fitness room on the 4th floor. We have over 50 machines and free weights along with a dance studio and a new cross-fit room. The machines include cardio, cable resistance machines, and a huge variety of free weights which overlooks the main gym on the third floor. There are three levels of fitness room access for students afterschool from 2:45pm - 3:50pm. The breakdown is as follows: Qualification 1 (Grades 7-12) SUPERVISED- Cardio and resistance cable machines Qualification 2 (Grade 9-12) SUPERVISED- Free weights, cardio, and resistance cable machines Qualification 3 (Grade 11-12) Unsupervised- Free weights, cardio, and resistance cable machines Please feel free to contact, Mrs. Ngan Chung Hancock at the beginning of the school year if you are interested in using the fitness room.


3rd Floor Surface

Our 3rd floor surface is located outside, next to the 3rd floor indoor table/seating area. It is used for basketball and ball hockey. Our batting cage and machine is also nearby, creating a great practice area for softball players.


6th Floor Pitch

The 6th Floor Pitch is a multi-functional one. This pitch provides a great venue for football and rugby practices. It serves as a 5 aside football pitch and often hosts our U12 football games.