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Timberwolves Sport: Delayed Start

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Dear All,

The restart of the After School Athletics Programme will be delayed as the school works out the final details of the social distancing restrictions in place by EDB.
Students and parents are advised to check the updates posted on the various communication channels the school operates. US Daily Announcements, US Weekly, Flash, Timberwolves website, Facebook and Instagram.
Steve Doleman, Director Of Athletics Department

Timberwolves Sports Resume

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Incredible News!

We missed it so much, but there it is, Timberwolves Sports are finally back and could resume, starting on October 5th, 2020.

Due to restriction in place, Volleyball one of the most popular sport in CDNIS has a complex calendar.




2019/20 Timberwolves Awards Ceremony . List Of Amazing Award’ Winner.

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You can watch the replay of the Awards Ceremony HERE

Password: Please, contact Laurent Villemeur,

What a incredible list of talented athletes!

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2019/20 Timberwolves Season 2 Sports and Individual Awards Winners.

Timberwolves Cross Country Lower School 

  • WolfPack Award: Benjamin P
  • MVP: Leopold R

Timberwolves Cross Country Upper School Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Asrya G
  • MVP: Daniela C

Timberwolves Cross Country Upper School Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Charlie V
  • MVP: Lok Tin L

Timberwolves Tennis Boys Div2 

  • WolfPack Award: Troy Y
  • MVP: Ramiro W

Timberwolves Tennis Boys Div1

  • WolfPack Award: Adam C
  • MVP: Jay W

Timberwolves Tennis Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Karina T
  • MVP: Delphina W

Timberwolves Ball Hockey

  • WolfPack Award: Joseph Y
  • MVP: Elise B

Timberwolves Touch U20 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Sophie W
  • MVP: Micaela F

Timberwolves Rugby U14 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Ryan T
  • MVP: Charlie W

Timberwolves Rugby U20 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Eliot B
  • MVP: Harry C

Timberwolves Golf

  • WolfPack Award: Ken W
  • MVP: Shine Y

Timberwolves Equestrian Lower School

  • WolfPack Award: Jeffrey W
  • MVP: Ka Ching F

Timberwolves Equestrian Upper School

  • WolfPack Award: Selene M
  • MVP: Kamilia W

Timberwolves Netball U10 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Mia M
  • MVP: Elyse L

Timberwolves Netball U12 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Leah C
  • MVP: Zoe H

Timberwolves Netball U16 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Natalie W
  • MVP: Vanessa L

Timberwolves Netball U20 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Victoria D
  • MVP: Emalisa E

Timberwolves Football U16 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Nigel W
  • MVP: James M

Timberwolves Football U20 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Trevor H
  • MVP: Cameron C

Timberwolves Swimming Upper School Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Aidan Y
  • MVP: Anson L

Timberwolves Swimming Upper School Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Jasmine P
  • MVP: Natasha L

Timberwolves Swimming Lower School

  • WolfPack Award: Nathan C
  • MVP: Emma Rose Z

Timberwolves Basketball U12 Girls 

  • WolfPack Award: Bri W
  • MVP: Hazel R

Timberwolves Basketball U12 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Aidan C
  • MVP: Leo M

Timberwolves Basketball U14 Girls 

  • WolfPack Award: Gabrielle S
  • MVP: Harriet K

Timberwolves Basketball U14 Boys Div2

  • WolfPack Award: Martin P
  • MVP: Ben S

Timberwolves Basketball U14 Boys Div1

  • WolfPack Award: Ryder J
  • MVP: Luke B

Timberwolves Basketball U16 Boys Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Annabel S
  • MVP: Vanessa K

Timberwolves Basketball U6 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Ron L
  • MVP: Ethan A

Timberwolves Basketball U20 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Sarah M
  • MVP: Madison V

Timberwolves Basketball 20 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Kobi S
  • MVP: Alessandro T

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Lower School Male

  • Nathan C

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Lower School Female

  • Hazel R

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Junior Male

  • James M

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Junior Female

  • Desiree L

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Senior Male

  • Kobi S

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Senior Female

  • Elise B

Athlete Of The Year – Lower School Male

  • Aidan C

Athlete Of The Year – Lower School Female

  • Harriet K

Athlete Of The Year – Junior Male

  • Charlie V

Athlete Of The Year – Junior female

  • Christine V

Athlete Of The Year – Senior Male

  • Alessandro T

Athlete Of The Year – Senior female

  • Madison V

Coach Of The Year

  • Laurent V

John Jalsevac Award

  • Blair S

Timberwolves Season 2 Sports Awards Ceremony . NOMINEES

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The Athletic Department is proud to release the list of Nominees for the Timberwolves Season 2 Sports Assembly & Awards Ceremony, held virtually on Thursday May 28th, at 5PM.

The ceremony will be LiveStreamed HERE, starting 4.59PM

On behalf of the Athletic Department, his Director Steve Doleman, and the whole Timberwolves Community, we would like to congratulate all the nominees for their incredible performance during the Season2, for their positive attitude and their impressive commitment.
Nominees are in the run for both prestigious awards: MVP Award and WolfPack Award.
During that extraordinary period of time, the Athletic is also incredibly grateful to our volunteer coaches for their efforts on Season 2.
Timberwolves Cross Country Lower School – Coach Eddy
  1. Leopold R.
  2. Nathan C.
  3. Megan K.
  4. Emily U.
  5. Benjamin P.
Timberwolves Cross Country Upper School Girls – Coach Heather & Dave
  1. Asrya G.
  2. Daniela C.
  3. Christina S.
  4. Tove P.
Timberwolves Cross Country Upper School Boys – Coach Heather & Dave
  1. Lok Tin L.
  2. Charlie V.
Timberwolves Tennis Boys Division 2 – Coach Christine
  1. Matthew N.
  2. Troy Y.
  3. Ramiro W.
  4. Kyle W.
Timberwolves Tennis Boys Division 1 – Coach Christopher
  1. Jay W.
  2. Adam C.
  3. Hadrian C.
  4. Jak W.
Timberwolves Tennis Girls  – Coach Blair
  1. Delphina W.
  2. Angelina N.
  3. Karina T.
  4. Min Chae K.
Timberwolves Ball Hockey – Coach Christopher
  1. Elise B.
  2. Elliot B.
  3. Joseph Y.
  4. Maddy L.
Timberwolves Touch U20 Girls – Coach Kirk & Liam
  1. Lily M.
  2. Micaela F.
  3. Sophie W.
  4. Em E.
Timberwolves Rugby U14 Boys – Coach Ryan and Antony
  1. Charlie V.
  2. Gabriel H.
  3. Ryan T.
  4. Sierra L.
Timberwolves Rugby U20 Boys – Coach Iain & Aaron
  1. Harry C.
  2. Sean H.
  3. Tristan V.
Timberwolves Golf – Coach Rob & Justin
  1. Shine Y.
  2. Eric Y.
  3. Jayden B.
  4. Ken W.
Timberwolves Equestrian Lower School – Coach Rachel & Stanley
  1. Furla N.
  2. Jeffrey W.
  3. Ka Ching F.
Timberwolves Equestrian Upper School  – Coach Rachel & Stanley
  1. Anise W.
  2. Kamila W.
  3. Selene M.
  4. Jessica Y.
Timberwolves Equestrian Upper School  – Coach Rachel & Stanley
  1. Anise W.
  2. Kamila W.
  3. Selene M.
  4. Jessica Y.
Timberwolves Netball U10 Girls  – Coach Natalie & Amy
  1. Elyse L.
  2. Mia M.
  3. Hazel R.
  4. Evie G.
Timberwolves Netball U12 Girls  – Coach Kat
  1. Leah C.
  2. Pippa C.
  3. Aubrey W.
  4. Zoe H.
Timberwolves Netball U16 Girls  – Coach Laurent
  1. Lillyana G.
  2. Vanessa L.
  3. Natalie W.
  4. Nicole T.
Timberwolves Netball U20 Girls  – Coach Laurent
  1. Kashish M.
  2. Em E.
  3. Victoria D.
  4. Hei Yiu N.
Timberwolves Football U16 Boys  – Coach Justin & Mikel
  1. James M.
  2. Aaron L.
  3. Tai R.
  4. Nigel W.
Timberwolves Football U20 Boys  – Coach Justin & Mikel
  1. Cameron C.
  2. Sean H.
  3. Trevor H.
  4. Julian M.
Timberwolves Swimming Upper School Boys  – Coach Darren
  1. Anson L.
  2. Karl G.
  3. Aidan Y.
  4. Ricky L.
Timberwolves Swimming Upper School Girls – Coach Darren
  1. Natasha L.
  2. Samantha T.
  3. Anya R.
  4. Jasmine P.
Timberwolves Swimming Lower School – Coach Darren
  1. Emma Rose Z.
  2. Nathan C.
  3. Kay W.
  4. Riley C.
Timberwolves Basketball U12 Girls – Coach Mark & Colleen
  1. Brianna W.
  2. Hazel R.
  3. Emma M.
Timberwolves Basketball U12 Boys – Coach Topflight
  1. Jacky T.
  2. Calvin T.
  3. Leo M.
  4. Aidan C.
Timberwolves Basketball U14 Girls – Coach Stephanie
  1. Harriet K.
  2. Charlotte S.
  3. Jessica Y.
  4. Gabrielle S.
Timberwolves Basketball U14 Boys Division 2 – Coach Jackson
  1. Benjamin S.
  2. Martin P.
  3. Ryan T.
  4. Takdeer S.
Timberwolves Basketball U14 Boys Division 1 – Coach Topflight
  1. Declan B.
  2. Ryder J.
  3. Karthik M.
  4. Cyrus Y.
  5. Luke B.
Timberwolves Basketball U16 Girls – Coach Topflight
  1. Annabelle S.
  2. Hannah B.
  3. Seana M.
  4. Harriet C.
  5. Vanessa K.
Timberwolves Basketball U16 Boys – Coach DJ
  1. Cameron M.
  2. Donald C.
  3. Ethan A.
  4. Ron L.
Timberwolves Basketball U20 Girls – Coach Alex
  1. Madi V.
  2. Sarah M.
  3. Helen J.
  4. Christine V.
Timberwolves Basketball U20 Boys – Coach Kadie & Stephanie
  1. Alessandro T.
  2. Jai M.
  3. Kobi S.
  4. Marcus L.

The Virtual Timberwolves Season 2 Sports Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday May 28th, 2020, starting at 5pm.

Participation . Enjoyment . Success





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