Athletics Programme Objectives

Our programme is divided into 3 levels. Developmental. Under 12s and under 14s, Training to Be Competitive under 16s, and Competitive under 20s/SEASAC. For each level, we have specific objectives we strive to achieve. By achieving these goals, the athletes are then able to understand what it really means to be in a team, and learn skills that could be used throughout their lives. No matter what level the focus should always be on Participation. Enjoyment. Success. In that order.


U12-U14 Developmental

The primary objective at this level is to maximize the learning of skills, knowledge and rules of the game. Maximum participation by athletes is emphasized not only for the overall growth and welfare of the athletes, but the continued development of the overall program. Developmental levels should be the foundations for the higher, competitive levels. Developing athletes is a higher priority than a winning season.


U16 – Training to Be Competitive

At this level, we are striving to continue to develop the “basic skills”. The aim is to refine the “basic skills and to develop their application within the sport”. Maximum participation remains an objective but additional emphasis is placed on being competitive. We are working to apply skills to competitive situations and to develop more detailed tactics related to the individual sport.


U20 – Competitive

At this stage of the program we place more emphasis on being competitive. During a season we aim to put the best possible team on the playing surface at key stages in the season and players earn their game time throughout the season. We are striving to develop complex tactics of the sport and we emphasize commitment, discipline and dedication to a team. The greatest level of commitment should lead to the greatest level of personal and team enjoyment and success.